I have officially received FOUR legit responses in the She Too book email ledger. WOOHOO. Just need 1,638 more... Or get over it 🙂 Having just returned from a short stint in Denver, I am realizing that folks are far too busy with their own shtuff to worry about She Too, my latest rant on … Continue reading FOUR!

Hmmmm 2018

Off to a slow start with this bloody cold I acquired literally New Year's Day?! But I read something today that I feel is worth sharing. Power in relationships is the key.  Underlings are powerless to do anything and predators know this.  “They are very clever and manipulative people who know they can dominate and that’s … Continue reading Hmmmm 2018

Happy 2018

I'll say it again, I prefer even years, so let's get it this year!  The Next One is starting up slow but mainly because my house is full of fun loving family and friends - lucky me! Uncle Pete is in the kitchen swapping out my hinges - has already added a handle to my … Continue reading Happy 2018

The Next One

Keenly aware of the good, bad, and ugly my first self published book caused, I am setting out on a path to write The Next One in 2018. During the process, I become a bit of a hermit, the rush of creating really being a haven for me  ~  most of the pages in She … Continue reading The Next One