Happy 2018

I'll say it again, I prefer even years, so let's get it this year!  The Next One is starting up slow but mainly because my house is full of fun loving family and friends - lucky me! Uncle Pete is in the kitchen swapping out my hinges - has already added a handle to my … Continue reading Happy 2018

The Next One

Keenly aware of the good, bad, and ugly my first self published book caused, I am setting out on a path to write The Next One in 2018. During the process, I become a bit of a hermit, the rush of creating really being a haven for me  ~  most of the pages in She … Continue reading The Next One

So Incredibly Thankful

Both daughters pitched in. Another successful tree lighting in the books allowing me to keep doing what I do. It takes a team of more than a hundred volunteers and what not...incredibly thankful today. ❤