Double Digits!

Some huge wave or force of nature occurred – I now have TEN responses to She Too – on my quest to 1,642 and have about seven more months to get those…

Ok Ok you are laughing, but it was an inspirational week – one reviewer reported from his time in law enforcement that “a women is ten times more likely to experience sexual assault in the freshman year of college,” so I keep pushing.

Meanwhile, someone in Canada published my poem ~ sharing here for my “almost twenty followers” 🙂  I keep my focus on doing something  ~ see some of you Marching on Saturday??

Tell me I can’t, then I will.
Build your barrier with shame fear or coercion
Watch me break down that wall.

Might of a warrior conjured from your doubt
Predators be warned

Write about a woman scorned
Read the wrath of women scarred.

We Can. We Will. We Surge.
I resolve. 
She Will.

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