It’s Been A While

As if any of you are hanging on my next word? Well, The Next One is officially in manuscript format, so I have been a bit zany at the keyboard, just not the blogging. Really this blog thing was to try getting 1,642 responses to She Too, I have THREE.

Three official responses to that first vomit on the page I called a book. The one that some of you were kind enough to read, and gracious enough to not comment on. In your head you hear your mother saying “if you can’t say anything nice,” right? 🙂

Well, I am officially (((un ) attaching the first two chapters of The Next One here today 3/5/18 )))for any interested readers. Yes, I know we are all crazy busy and even a magazine article seems too large a time constraint, but humor me. It’s not humorous , thank you Kristin and Anne, for knocking that right outta the picture early on. But you should laugh, especially in parts where an editor pal commented “ain’t that the truth” about my no longer being able to hit the dance floor after nine pm of late.

Give it a shot, and let me know if you’d like the whole thing in your email in box – electronic text is tougher to read long pieces so I am working on a hard copy for folks who might consider helping me to actually give it a name.

(Also worthy of note(s), I met a bank robber in real life last week, that was interesting! I get that it’s winter for some of you, anyone want to really make my day and say you are heading to SLO to visit me?)


❤ R

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