Happy 2018

I’ll say it again, I prefer even years, so let’s get it this year!  The Next One is starting up slow but mainly because my house is full of fun loving family and friends – lucky me!

Uncle Pete is in the kitchen swapping out my hinges – has already added a handle to my attic door – and will be giving my hall closet shelving this week! Just doesn’t get much better than that for ringing in the New Year.

But in fact, even better than just that, Syd and Candyace arrived in CA for the big move ~ pretty sure it’s public knowledge now that she got a full time job at Davis ~ so happy for her. AKC and a friend were here for a few days over the holidays ~ overall a terrific holiday 2017.

Thankful to have made it safe and healthy through another one of those ‘odd years’ and excited for the next chapter(s) to begin! Happy New Year Everyone!

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