The Next One

Keenly aware of the good, bad, and ugly my first self published book caused, I am setting out on a path to write The Next One in 2018.

During the process, I become a bit of a hermit, the rush of creating really being a haven for me  ~  most of the pages in She Too I do not even recall typing/writing. The time spent writing is exhilarating. I am going all in to write again.

I am open to ideas for the story line – too much of me or she is just more than the average reader is up for as it turns out.  Something light, funny, entertaining and witty; that’s what The Next One will contain. Laughs. Let’s see if I can be funny!

Now that I have said so to my four followers here in the Blog O Sphere, I must do it. Well, that and I have signed up for another one of AH’s work shops! If you have any inclination to write, I triple dog dare you to sign up for one of her classes like Write or Die. She’ll do them in any city where four or more sign up!

Happy New Year Gang! Thanks for “being here” with me.


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