Happy Errythang!

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! Whatever you celebrate, happy to ya!

I have been doing more reading than writing of late – trying to keep my self in check being I had that huge mis-step recently.

I have missed this forum though — the feeling that I am posting a thought that might connect with one of my four followers 🙂  The thrills from the five or six replies to this blog have kept me afloat despite the commotion of my real life. Do I say “thanks” too often?

My wishing everyone a bit of happiness during this season is usually done via baking and delivering of cookies, but with the recent move, I will not likely be able to get to you. (I am pretty sure none of my SLO friends even know of this silly Year of Unreasonable-ness.) Please dunk a cookie in your coffee or tea and think of me…or jump online and book a trip to SBP and I’ll whip up a batch made to order for your arrival!

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