She’s Straight Up Magic

While cousin Julie visited over a long weekend she was able to summon up & sing along to her favorite song on the streets of San Francisco, and attract a pack of whales to put on a show for us at Avila Beach. Straight up magical that girl. To say nothing of the other supernatural happenings in the five day visit.

It’s a magnificent life when we can take a step back from our daily troubles and simply walk in warm sunshine with a supportive source. Shoes slipped on and off of our feet with ease between sand piles and DSW shoe piles…diamonds appeared!

We sat outdoors for a meal with both of my daughters, and giggled over ice cream flavors with friends who happened upon us in SF Monday eve…good vibes. If only every day could be one where someone who really ‘gets you’ shares your scene with cosmic energy.


Reality bit this morning with news of another campus hazing death, and then a dose of man on man harassment alongside the #metoo campaign. I really do want to hear your feedback on the story She Too. It is important to me. A friend posted a few words by Brene Brown that hit home: “Shame needs three ingredients to grow: secrecy, silence, and judgement.”

We spent a fair amount of time talking about family secrets, shame, and silencing. Her encouragement to keep my tribe small was advice I’ll heed. Thanks again and again for being here you all. Only eleven months to go on my year of unreasonable-ness! 🙂




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