Cousin Julie is here from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Her flight in was delayed for ice removal out of Saskatoon, then cancelled because of rain in SF out of Vancouver…she arrived a day late for a short visit, but we’re getting it all in.

Lands End, Ferry Building, trek across SF and drive to SLO with not too much traffic. Sun shining on our faces, good food, great coffee, terrific to be together again after the loss of her husband nearly three years ago, and her mum nearly three months ago.

I thought I had some things to talk about, my this and that needed to get vented, tears had been the daily norm for about a week leading up to her arrival…me me me.

Wow, just wow.  She has survived some really HUGE STUFF that dwarfed mine. Not the two above referenced deaths even just, but MORE HUGE…I am humbled and calmer today. Thank you for not judging my mountain out of mole hills moments everyone. ❤



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