Being Scared & Giving Thanks

Have I ever been this scared before?

Not lately.

I remember the feels of scared, ashamed and insecure from my teens and twenties as incredibly different from these in my fifties. I am currently an eyes welling with tears at any moment complete train wreck over this stuff. Writing about it, sharing what I wrote. Turning on the television to another me too, she too, and now he too.

It helps to hear from you.

One of my old Dream Weaver instructors wrote to me yesterday, “Your age has never stopped you from conquering anything — you’re like one of the most capable people I’ve ever known.” Floodgate of tears opened. I have so very little self confidence, despite my outward appearances, and these little one liners are keeping me afloat.

Thanks to JC, and to everyone who is continuing to support me while I swim in this deep dark dirty water. It really means a lot.

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