Barter, Trade & Karma

I strongly believe in all three.  Did you ever read the book Pay it Forward? Sure, the movie was good, but the book is the real deal.  People help with a gesture or gift, and you are expected to do something that you can for the next guy. My dear friend gave the girls and I free eye exams being that I never had insurance for it. When I can, I sometimes send $100 to someone in need, not always cash, sometimes just a lasagna dinner. It feels good to me to do so, the receiver happens to be thrilled at the unexpected, a win-win.

While in my darkest days, broke with a looming debt of $186,000 to a conman I accidentally married, I suffered a nervous break down of sorts.  They say not clinically being that I got the hell outta bed every morning, but certainly mentally.  I held a fund raiser as I had heard lots of amazing stories about this new internet thingy reaching folks around the globe yadda yadda.

I did in fact raise about $4,000 — the plan was to give $150 worth of RKC Marketing services to anyone who donated $100.  I still have the “Thank Yous” file on an old back up hard drive, and have not forgotten those folks.  Wouldn’t it be fabulous to someday repay tenfold?  I sure hope to.

Being that I am never exactly $4000 up, I have been trying along the way to do small gestures for people I know or meet along the way.  Just a tiny tin of lasagna to Mary whose dog was having surgery, resulted in her husband Bob getting my Chris a detective position in SLO County.  If that’s not good karma at work I don’t know what.

Barter over the years helped the girls and I get proper medical, dental, and eye care. Trade of late has a writing coach continuing to support this really expensive (in time and energy) hobby I call writing.  Karma. Well, a few folks ignored what I said about male athletes who are not properly reprimanded for their off field actions, and doggonit if there haven’t been a few really huge ball drops and lost games since. Just sayin.

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