What I realize now

It was a huge risk putting the finger to the keyboard, and save any really terrible hacker invasion or take over of my laptop, I live and breathe same same today after taking the plunge.  Bloggers / writers may take the lead in “crazy” when compared with crazy cat ladies…AS IF thousands care about what I have to say.

Thank you to my newly coined 9 followers, it’s a nice manageable number so far.

Enough trust in those of you who braved the ‘follow’ to now ask for your valued opinion on back cover text for the old book ( I say old because I am working diligently new lighter material, but that old albatross/vomit on the page is in the hands of a trusty publisher type as I write to you this eve; it has not yet been posted up… )

My text was this:

This story could take place on any campus, in any town, USA.  Frankie and Beau are athletes at Cal immersed in the high stakes game of scholarship dollars, grade points vs good times; coping in a sea of disillusion.  Drugs and alcohol, mixed with mattress and foam parties result in greater risk than concussions, wins or losses.  This story is about what is not covered in freshman orientation.  Coaches have a 24/48 rule; 21 is just a number.  Frankie’s crew has little black dress night; hazing is illegal.  Bowie’s boating team hosts a free alcohol, DJ dance party; this party begins after “pre-gaming”.  Add a rival campus Greek life scavenger hunt bringing guests from across the way for loot, and the story takes its dark turn.  It’s all just another “20 minutes of action” to some.

Suggested back cover copy was this:

A story of gifted athletes living the dream of playing their respective sports at top California universities.  With it goes the high stakes games of on field performance, scholarship dollars and grade point averages versus sex, drugs and alcohol; the forbidden fruits.  As college athletes, the rules seem to not apply, at least in the minds of some.

What happens when that red Solo cup gets handed to a beautiful young student at the hottest party on campus?  What happens when ego and entitlement erase respect, good judgment and morality?  What happens when fun becomes drugging, sexual abuse and violent rape? Lives are crushed and emotional and physical damage haunts the victims, if they choose to live that long.  But far too often there is no jail, no punishment for the perpetrators.  A steep price for “20 minutes of action” or is it a free pass?

This is a story of young men and women, living at the pinnacle of their young lives.  This is a story of what isn’t really spoken of.  This is a story of “me too” for our star athlete.

Young peeps agreed name change to She Too would be better…I have added a GLOSSARY and plan to use the following reviewer quotes on the back:

“disgusting and disturbing, but what is so f*&$ed up is I know girls roofied. That shit happens. It needs to be exposed. The start of the story starts of presenting this beautiful fun memory of my college years, it painted the picture of how fun and awesome college is. But it ends with showing the dark underside of Greek life, and hyper-masculinity.” SE, Canada

“Having read the story I can tell you that it is AMAZING. Strong voice. Powerful story. Be prepared to be rocked.” AH. San Jose, CA

“…great read, albeit disturbing. I learned a lot about that subject and college culture in general these days. Highly recommend!” AB, Santa Margarita, CA

If more room allows, I will add these:

Story is written in a unique style that may just push the work into the literary eye…relentless drive…apocalyptic. RL, Spain

“…situations like this are happening across the country…Colleges and Universities look the other way because they are afraid of a negative public opinion that may affect the almighty bottom line…victims look the other way, because they have shame about events that they can’t even fully remember ~ and have been conditioned to believe they had a role in the crime…other young women? while so supportive to the face of society, often they stand in judgement of each other…instead of standing in solidarity. Morally centered young men look the other way because of some lame bro code…afraid to speak up in fear of becoming a target… its sad but so real.” SL, Columbus, OH

Comments welcomed and appreciated.  It’s truly ok if you have not read the story, I am sort of looking for fresh eyes to say which book they might actually pick up if only having read the back cover so please please comment away!! ( or if you would not enjoy the bold audience of 9 hearing your view, email me!  thanks! )

Chris was kind enough to be a follower, without reading what I post, just to let me know how in fact this stuff gets to you — apologies if I woke anyone at 3AM last time — I vow to only post once or twice per week so as to not crowd your inboxes with email!

Much Gratitude to you all!  R

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