Waking up @ 3AM

It’s been more than a year or two now.  Some call it menosomething, I am thinking about calling it that special time. Special in that I get this entire two hour window to wake in the middle of the night — 3am to 5ish — while everyone around me slumbers peacefully. Especially annoying moods. Special times like hot then cold, jammies then not, up then down, yes then no, in then out of bed. The addition of an especially annoying inner tube descending upon my belly.

Special is probably the wrong word. Annoying is certainly fitting. But with all the natural disasters, disease, random gun violence, and deadly news stories, folks write entire books about being in the present. They say take in deep breathes of appreciation for life which can be fleeting. I don’t dare complain.  I am here, alive and well. And yes, I know, you never begin a sentence with But or And. Friendly reminder: I am not a writer so punctuation and complete sentences, meh.

If I am honest with myself it’s the excessive red wine drinking since moving to the Central Coast of CA.  I initially blamed it on the glut of available amazing reds here in the $6-7 a bottle range, but Trader Joes was serving that up when I lived in Michigan as well.  (you did laugh/smile when you read $7 bottle no?!) Never ever have I consumed this much alcohol on a weekly basis. Flipping GMA, they are to blame!  They literally had a story about the benefit of that one glass of red wine – healthy they said.

So there’s that.  So here’s me.  2:52 wake up, 3:11 check my cell phone for messages that came in after my 8:30 or 9:00 bedtime. Mind racing with ideas for another little ditty. Nope, you do not want to hear me drone on about drinking problem, and when I poop or pee, I know, I know.

Getting back to this blog idea.  I mentioned that I had 77 views and only 2 followers yesterday. Then Chris gave me this incredibly helpful demo on reading to the bottom of the post (sorry it was so long yesterday) and clicking on FOLLOW.

Follow popped up in an odd spot because at the very bottom was COMMENT.  Anyways, if you were brave enough – or kind enough because I asked nicely to a few folks via email – to hit follow you had to input your email address, check your email, verify your existence, and sign up to potentially receive yet another email in your inbox daily. UGH. Not what I intended to wish upon my friends and family – to say nothing of the fact that quite possibly, now that WordPress has your email address THEY may start sending something to your in box. My most sincere apology there if any of this is bothering you.

That said, the book looks AMAZING thanks to Emily, Amanda’s roommate, and I will be rewarding early followers with a copy including my letter of explanation of the Year of Unreasonable Dreaming and my attempt at 1,642 reads/reviews. The current cover is truly a work of art – but I used a photo that I stole from another friends Instagram account without permission, so I either have to ask that crew of six gals to allow use, or re-shoot this weekend when I go up to SF to see my girlies.

Suffice it to say, I am close.  And no, you should not be overly excited about reading it being that it’s dark. What might be fun is to proudly tell two friends that you are helping a middle aged menopausal friend to accomplish an unreasonable dream – then you too may realize that you have one! Say yours is traveling to Bali to photograph elephants or blades of green grass – 700% you can count on me to help in any way I can to make your dream come true.

Words simply fly onto the page these days, so I am going to stop for fear of boring my two followers to the ‘unfollow’ point, and get back to working on the happy story of Grandma Betty’s Kitchen — which is light and fun and will include a few of her secret recipes. Or the book of Lucky Me which will likely only be read after I kick the bucket and cannot get in trouble for it 🙂 If you too would like to begin to write in an unkinked hose at full flow pace, google Anne Heffron for a Write or Die class, it’ll change your life.  It sure changed mine.

2 thoughts on “Waking up @ 3AM

  1. I am enjoying reading your blog 🙂 And I get the belly-inner-tube-thing. I was always “bottom heavy” as a male co-worker so kindly told me once, but I could count on a slim waistline. No longer, I’m afraid. Keep the good work!

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