Not Super Important

But this will go away in about 40 days 🙂 Thanks again and again for being supportive during my trial period! (maybe like or follow R Read Writing on FB? I think that's where I will post early chapters of Book 3 and 4 for interested parties!) ❤  

Book Three – Energy Fix

I am starting to get excited about finishing this one - and have recently learned that it might not be until book five, seven or nine that I really get something worthy 🙂  But sharing the cover feels like I will really finish this one soon! Energy Fix

It’s not over, just yet

I still have a few months to go towards meeting my goal of one year, unreasonable dreams, and 1,642 responses to She Too...maybe you don't have time to read the book, but you could maybe share the review with someone who might be sending someone off to college? THX. R the review

No Time

I get it. No one has time for reading, writing, or washing the dishes timely. But it'd take less than forty seconds to log on to and simply check the box next to my two books where it says WANT TO READ. She Too by R Read     Describing Water by R Read The … Continue reading No Time

Be Brave

Be Brave. Be You. These words boldly featured on one of my mother's day cards from my girlies. Lucky me, they still love me, even after that first book. Being brave, I self-published the second one on a new platform today...fingers crossed, I do not make any enemies, or hurt anyone I love in the … Continue reading Be Brave